Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy New Year!

I'm not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore, it's very embarrassing to see that my last post was in September! Facebook has changed my need to blog weekly. On the flip side I continue to follow all other blogs and LOVE reading all of your posts! Just an update on the Arnold clan, we had a very blessed Christmas celebrating with both sides of the family. Shortly after Christmas we jumped into the family truckster and headed east! Robb's sister was scheduled to be sworn into the US Congress and we wanted to be there to support her. So the caravan of Denali's left a day early to miss the 'blizzard of the decade' that was headed toward SD. We traveled 1500 miles one way and spent an amazing week in Washington DC taking in as much history as our brains could hold. The kids were perfect and it will be a time that we will never forget! As we begin 2011 we are so excited to think about what this year holds for our family. We have currently been on the waitlist for almost 5 months and are getting very anxious for that wonderful referral call from our agency! We have no idea if we are getting 1 or 2 kids or the gender of the child/children. We love having the surprise ahead of us but I am at the point of wanting to organize and go through clothes, etc. I am constantly praying for patience and peace! Waiting is the REALLY hard part of international adoption! Either way we feel very blessed and look forward to this year ahead!


Heidi Jo said...

well, i read....whenever you post! obviously you don't have the camera yet, or we'd see more pictures of the dc trip---right?

if anyone is equipped to deal w/ the virtue of patience i believe it to be you. i love the quote from mother teresa that you posted. God truly has equipped you because of your open and loving heart!

we are praying for your family in so many areas!

LISA said...

I can finally read blogs now. New phone allows me too!

Courtney Holder said...

Hi Teresa! I saw your blog on the Gladney FBI list -- we just got on the waitlist in December for siblings. I'll be following your journey. Glad you have a blog :)

Take care,

Heather K said...

I still check in occasionally to see how things are going with your adoption. I haven't blogged in FOREVER!! I really should but I know what you mean about facebook. Bloglines did a big change and I lost most of the blogs that I was following-except the ones that I could remember. It sounds like things are going well for you all.
Take care. :]